There’s nothing better than taking a shower after a long day of work. Studies have shown that average person spends more than 15 minutes per day in the shower and even more during the summer. Having the right equipment is necessary for your well being and a perfect experience each and every time.

It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your bathroom completely, or you just want to upgrade your old one. Having a perfect shower head for your needs is a necessary and cheap investment you simply have to make.

We have analyzed hundreds of different shower heads and other products, and we have made a list of only the best ones down below. We have ranked them based on their price, features, and customer testimonials. If you want more detailed reviews about different types of shower heads, you are welcome to check out the reviews section.

Best shower heads 2016


For a complete list of some of the best shower heads on the market, check out our ultimate comparison chart. You can sort them out by their features, specifications, categories, and price.

How to choose the best shower head for your bathroom:

  • Type. As we have mentioned before, there are several types of shower heads available on the market. An average consumer chooses between a hand-held and a top-mount shower head, but most of them combine both of them. Panels are probably the best option because they feature several different types in a single product. But if you really want a complete set of the most luxurious types of shower heads wrapped in a single package, you might want to check out our steam shower recommendations.
  • Price. It’s true that you usually get what you pay for, but there are certainly some quality products out there for less than $50. We have also reviewed some of them on our website, you are welcome to check them out.
  • Water usage. New shower heads that are sold in the USA are limited to 2.5 GPM of water usage by the current federal standard. There are some water saving ones on the market that can reduce your water bills up to $100 per year per user. But be careful, sometimes lower flow rate means worse user experience.
  • Warranty. It’s always good to know that your buys are backed up by warranty, isn’t it? Every shower head should have at least 1-year warranty, but there are several of them with a lifetime warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Consumer shower head reviews. Here’s a fact: consumers are always right. If you are looking to purchase your new shower head online, always check consumer reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

What type of shower head is the best?

The days of old fashioned and ordinary shower heads are long gone. Ever since the first mechanical ones were introduced to the world in 1767, they have been more or less the same. But recent developments have improved them drastically, so they offer a variety of features to bring the best possible user experience and functionality.

But, there are so many different types on the market that we can hardly keep track on all of them. Here are some of the most popular types of them with our short recommendations. All of the products listed below are great buys, but the final decision comes down to personal preference.

Shower panels

Let’s start with the most luxurious ones. Most shower panels feature 4 different water outputs in a single device. Top/wall-mount and handheld shower head, faucet, and a body spray. They are more expensive than other types, but they offer the best value for the money, and they are cheaper than buying shower heads individually.

shower panelsOur recommendation: One of the world’s highest rated products in this area is the Blue Ocean 52″ SPV962332. Just like most top-end models, it features 4 different water outputs – multi-functional handheld and top-mount rainfall shower head, tub spout, and 8 adjustable body nozzles. It comes with 1-year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.

Wall-mount shower heads

This type is the most affordable of them all. They are easy to install, and they come with variety of designs and functions. Most basic and affordable ones offer just a few features while more advanced ones offer variety of different shower effects to choose from.

wallmountOur recommendation: If you are looking for one of the top rated, wall-mount shower heads, the Speakman S-2005-HB is definitely one you should take into consideration. It is installed in many 5-star hotels across the USA, it’s one of the most popular products in this area and a favorite choice of many homeowners. It is also one of the most affordable ones that could cost much more considering its features and quality.

Top-mount shower heads

Unlike the wall-mount type, top-mount shower heads are placed on a ceiling instead of a wall. They can be attached directly to the ceiling or a top-mounted extension arm, and they are usually larger than wall-mounted ones.

top-mountOur recommendation: One of the most advanced top-mount shower heads that we have reviewed so far is the Delta Faucet RP50841. It is a great solution for people who know the importance of attractive design and functionality. It costs less than most similar products, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty on the faucet and finish!

Handheld shower heads

This type is most popular and used by billions of people worldwide. They are replaceable – easy to remove from their mountings and they usually cost less than $100. Problem with wall or top-mount heads is that they can only wash the whole surface of an adult body at once. One thing that makes handheld shower heads so popular, is their functionality. They can be used for concentrated washing of smaller parts on our bodies, and they are very useful for washing pets or children.

handheldOur recommendation: When we analyzed the features of hundreds of handheld types of shower heads, we found that very few of them can stand up to the Ana Bath SS5450CBN. It’s a combo system of a fixed and a handheld shower head, a perfect choice for people who want the complete showering experience in one single package. You can find an extended description in our reviews section.

Rain shower heads

Standing under the rain is usually a bad idea if you don’t have an umbrella. Rain shower heads are designed to bring the same one of a kind experience of standing in the rain.

rainOur recommendation: The Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR is on top of our rain shower list. 95 inches in diameter, it’s one of the largest products we have featured on our website, so full body coverage is guaranteed. It features AirPower technology, which mixes water with air. This technology has been proven to produce softer and larger water droplets for the ultimate user experience.

LED shower heads

For the ultimate romantic ambient, LED shower heads are a must-have. They are also the coolest type of them all and are absolutely loved by all types of consumers – from romantics to technology fanatics. Some older models require batteries to operate, but newer models are completely self-powered – they get all of the needed energy through water pressure. How cool is that?

LEDOur recommendation: The DreamSpa® Ultra-Luxury is one of our favorite LED shower heads (it can be used as hand-held or top-mounted). It doesn’t need batteries to operate because it gets its power from the water pressure itself. It has a sensor that adjusts the LED color according to the temperature of water. Users can choose from 5 different settings (Power Rain, Hydro-Mist, Pulsating Massage, Economy Rain & Water-Saving). It comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty and a very attractive affordable price.

Shower heads with speakers

If you like singing or making phone-calls in the shower, then shower heads with speakers might be your perfect choice. The most advanced of them feature speakers which can be connected to mobile phones and similar devices through Bluetooth connectivity modules. Most of them require batteries or electricity connection to operate.

Shower Heads with SpeakersOur recommendation: One of the best products in this category is the H2oVibe Rain Shower head Jet with Bluetooth speaker. It is easy to install (no need to hire a professional plumber), and it requires a 1100 mAh battery to work (included in package), which offers up to 10 hours of pure joy. The included battery is also rechargeable through a Micro-USB cable, which also comes in the package.

High pressure shower heads

Some homeowners are experiencing low water pressure. Sometimes it’s something that can be fixed easily, but sometimes there’s simply nothing they can do about it. Low water pressure doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy a full potential of your shower. But, it does require a high pressure shower head. The good news is that they are among the cheapest ones of all types.

high pressureOur recommendation: One of the best buys in this category is the Vida Alegría Spashower. It features 5 sprays and a water saving drizzle. We have found several positive customer testimonials about it online, so it’s definitely one of the best buys on the market right now. There’s a 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturer, and its water flow restricting valve is removable.

Shower heads for kids

There are plenty of reasons why your youngest ones need a shower head that’s tailored for their size and motoring skills. It’s a fact that they can’t reach the adult shower head because it’s mounted too high. It’s also important to teach them that hygiene is an important part of their daily routine, so they will certainly appreciate a shower head that comes with funny character motives.

kidsOur recommendation: One of our favorite shower heads for kids is also one of the cheapest products we have reviewed on our site so far. The Rinse Ace 3801 is very affordable and it’s a great product that will help your children making one of their first steps into their adult life. Its main features are the easiness of use and a detachable hose that makes it easy to detach and put away.

Useful tips:

It’s not a secret that we aim to create the best shower head website in the world. If you have trouble installing or cleaning one, or if you simply need help removing your water filter, we are here to help. For more guides and tutorials, please check out our “useful tips” section.


A proper hygiene is essential for your health and well being. Why wouldn’t you enjoy it as well? That’s the whole point of modern shower heads. If you are looking for more specific details about certain products, you can check them out in the reviews section on our website. If you want to check our recommendations of certain product types, you can find them in the “top shower picks” section.